Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Garden

Due to entirely excessive shifts at work this past few weeks, I'm afraid I haven't had the time to work on any of my many ongoing projects. One project that keeps on progressing on its own, however, is the garden. I live on an acreage which the previous owners had beautifully landscaped. Between house renovations and little munchkins, we haven't had much time to really work in our garden. This year we have finally gotten on top of a few beds, and we look forward to having more time each year to develop the gardens. Here are a few pictures of the property:
This shows a small area of our yard. The tool shed is just peeking out.

The side of our house. Love the peonies. The peach tree is very prolific...mmmm....peach pies!

The split rail fence. It goes around most of our 2 acres. I love this fence; so quaint.

I bought these rustic looking planters this year. They are beautiful hanging from our front porch.

The inspiration for the name of my blog. This willow tree in the front of the property is so gorgeous.

Begonias are a favorite for my shady front porch.

After working 6 days a week, and being on call most nights, I am looking forward to getting back to my regular 2 day a week schedule! Hopefully then I'll have time to finish the projects, which are piling up on my to do list, and I look forward to sharing them with you all!



Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...[Reply to comment]

That is a very busy schedule. Your yard looks fine and I love the split rail fence. I love peaches!

Jennifer said...[Reply to comment]

I think your yard is beautiful!!! I hear nothing but crunch sounds when I walk on my grass! Hopefully everything will calm down soon!