Monday, October 18, 2010

Table Refinished

Remember this post? You have to reach way back in your July to be exact. Well that's how life goes around these parts. Many projects on the go, mixed in with kids, work, running a business etc etc. Ok, enough of my pitiful excuses. I'm happy to report that this table is now done!!!

I have admired this table, in its broken state, in my Grandma's basement for 2o years!! When her furniture was being distributed to the family (she was moving into a care facility), I jumped at the chance to take this table and restore it. With the help of my hubby, it is now a piece of furniture that I love. It not only is beautiful in its own right, but it is special to me as it reminds me of my Nana, who took great pride in her home and always kept it looking so beautiful.

A reminder of how it looked before:

Poor, sad, broken, partially stripped table. How lovely I can see you will be. I am sure glad Nana spotted you at that yard sale and saw your potential.


I started to add my accessories to it, just to see how it would look. It needs to set for 24 hours, but I was too anxious to check it out in it's finished state! I am going to play around with the accessories, until I get it just right.....hmmm, maybe I feel another post coming on??

The only thing that will stay is this lamp. The rest, I will shop the house for.

The stain colour turned out really well.

The repairs to the bottom also worked out great. Good job Hubby!

Here's how we did it: First, I stripped off the old dark stain. It was a very long process as there is a lot of detail to this table. I then sanded, sanded, and sanded.

My husband screwed and glued the broken pieces back together.

I then applied pre-stain and several coats of Provincial 211 stain by Minwax. I found it difficult to choose a stain colour...there are so many choices out there! I'm happy with the final result. The top of the table is much lighter than the legs (a different wood, I suppose), and took 3 coats to get the colour I liked. The legs only took one coat.

I finished it with Polyurethane in satin. I love the final result and it is encouraging me to get my next furniture refinishing project completed!

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...[Reply to comment]

Such a beautiful table and a precious heirloom. You did a wonderful job of restoring it. It looks fabulous. Love the stain color and all the detail on the piece is just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

Chrissy said...[Reply to comment]

This little table turned out beautiful. You did a great job.

christine {bijouandboheme} said...[Reply to comment]

Looks beautiful!! Restoring a special piece of furniture is so worth it and I'm sure your nana would love it:) xxx

Terri @ said...[Reply to comment]

Andrea, it is so beautiful! Great job! And thanks for including the recipe of products etc.

LDH said...[Reply to comment]

A most beautiful job! What a sweet little table! Love the color too!

So nice stopping by to see your Show & Tell!

Kindly, ldh

Susan said...[Reply to comment]

Whoaaaaaaa. Great job! Grandma knew a beautiful piece when she saw it! Really lovely. Susan

The Decorating Diaries said...[Reply to comment]

Well that's just beautiful. Good work.


K-Addicts said...[Reply to comment]

hi there, i'm from malaysia.

just you mantain the white sofa from being tainted? i love to buy white sofa, but afraid of being dirty and don't know how to remove it.

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]


Hi there, and thanks for the comment. I have 2 young children and pets, and still don't have any troubles. I bought a pre-treated stain resistant material for the sofas and I also make sure the kids don't eat in this room. I love the cream sofas; they are a blank canvas that goes with pretty much any type of decor!

KATHY said...[Reply to comment]

Great job! It's a beautiful piece.


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...[Reply to comment]

beautifully done! awesome.. beautiful table too!

Jami said...[Reply to comment]

Hi there from one cottage-dweller to another. :-)

Love the end result of this table- what a great transformation. I have a table I finished up today, also, but I painted the bottom with all the details- you are much braver than I to tackle striping all the carvings!

-Jami @

kathie said...[Reply to comment]

It is gorgeous! I cannot imagine how long it took to strip the stain off of all those nooks & crannies, but it was worth the effort!!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...[Reply to comment]

A lot of work, but what an amazing table-enjoy:@)

MarytheKay said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, what a beautiful table! You did a wonderful job restoring it! I love family furniture--that has such wonderful memories attached!

I'm here from BNOTP...Thanks for letting me peek around a little bit!

Linda @ A La Carte said...[Reply to comment]

Beautiful table! I am so glad you took it home and fixed it. What a great tribute to your Grandmother!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...[Reply to comment]

Great job on the table and so neat that it has such special meaning to you! :)