Monday, November 29, 2010

Topping the Tree

In years past, many a tree have stood naked on top due to my inability to find the perfect tree topper. This year, I stand determined. The perfect topper shall be mine.

We've all seen these common examples. Lovely, yes, but I want something different this year:

The finial style.

A pretty Angel.

And the classic star.

While searching the net for ideas, I was having a very hard time finding what I am envisioning. It's up there, in that head of mine, and this week it shall be created. These last two examples, however, have come close to what I would like to achieve:

Whimsical, unpredictable and beautiful. Not found in a box at a store.

I love these two ideas from Southern Living. While not exactly the look I am going for, they represent the unique, hand created look I crave. How cute are those bells??

And you all know I love sticks. They abound in my Christmas decor this year as well!

My topper will be created with a plethora of feathers, garlands, ribbons and bells, however, it will remain in keeping with my eclectic traditional tree. Stay tuned as I will share my step by step process, as well as the final result, of course! There, now that it's in writing, I can't procrastinate on this another year!

If you know of any fabulous tree topper examples, please, do share!! How do you top your tree?