Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Changes Ahead for 2011

Clinique Cheron by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen c 1905 

The past week was a flurry of activity.  Not only was it Christmas, complete with the hustle and bustle of fun filled activities, but also I was in the midst of a major life change.  After 8 years of practice ownership, I have sold my Veterinary Clinic.  I am in the midst of a swirl of emotion:  sad to leave my wonderful staff (and friends), sad to put my career on hold, sad to leave a business that was so good to me.  However, owning a business is not without its challenges.  I also find myself elated at finally being able to be home with my children.  I had 3 days (yes, days) off after my first child was born, and 3.5 months semi-off for my second.  This was not by choice, but by necessity.  I will forever be sad to not be able to have those precious early days of motherhood back.  I plan on taking 2 years off (or maybe even more!) from Veterinary practice:  one for each year of maternity leave that I missed with my children. 

Another challenge awaits our family in 2011:  our big move, and the ultimate reason why I sold my practice. 
My husband has been offered 2 jobs in 2 different cities, and we must decide in the coming months, where our future lies.  I am a bit nervous about making such a huge decision, but very excited about the possibilities ahead.

While I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, I do think establishing goals for the year ahead is a good idea.  This year's goals: Spend more time with my family (and less time at work), and enjoy my new found freedom; prepare our home for sale, and find a new home & city where we will create special memories, spend more time with the hobbies I love, and of course share them with you.  I would also love to perfect my photography skills, and a few less pounds off the ole bod wouldn't hurt either!

Source: Southern Living

I am so happy to have this blog, my creative outlet and journal for our families journey ahead.  Thank you for coming along!  I can't wait to share it with you all! Happy New Year's!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...[Reply to comment]

I am so happy for you being able to stay home with your children. Looking forward to your changes ahead!

Happy New Year!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...[Reply to comment]

Happy New Year! May the coming year hold nothing but Blessings. Hugs, Marty

Finding Home said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, that is a lot coming up! Wishing you the best of luck and enjoyment for all of the adventures that lie ahead, especially more time with your family! Happy New Year, Laura

christine {bijouandboheme} said...[Reply to comment]

Crossing my fingers in the biggest possible way that one of those cities is Toronto!!! In any event...congrats on having the time at home- nothing better and so happy to have reconnected via this whole blogging thing- a very Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. Much love! C xoxo

Vickie said...[Reply to comment]

I don't think I have posted before but I am in almost the same situation. We are too preparing to move to a new city. We have had our home on the market since September and are awaiting that one buyer eagerly! I wish you wisdom, peace, and endurance!