Saturday, July 31, 2010

Funky old Rusty Tin Project

I am always on the search for unique wall art. By art, I don't just mean framed pictures, photographs etc. I mean unique whatevers that take your walls from expected & ordinary to unexpected and beautiful. Kari & Kijsa talk about it in this post, and since reading their take on wall displays, I've been on the quest for my own piece of funky whatever for my walls.

My mother found this cool rusty old piece of tin during her thrifting travels. I always thought the pattern on it was beautiful, and she kindly gave it to me. Yippeee! A cool piece of junk for my walls! I'm well on my way to escaping my wall display dulldrums.


I actually thought that in its natural, rusty state, it was beautiful and unique, but it was really rusty, flaking and dirty. It had to be helped. I could either try to frame it as is, or paint it. Sounds like a good excuse to try another glazing project!


I spray painted it white, then applied a burnt umber glaze over top. I did a few layers, as I really wanted the detailed pattern to show up.

I have yet to find a home for my piece of tin. I'm also not sure how I will mount it. I was thinking of either using a hidden hook on the back, or perhaps a short length of chain on either side, extending up to more decorative hooks. Any other ideas??? So I ask you, amazing, talented and creative bloggers, how would you display/hang a funky 'ole piece of tin? Do tell!!!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogger Initiation: Memo Board

There are so many inspirational, creative projects out there in blogland. I used to rely on HGTV and decor magazines for my inspiration, but since discovering blogs, I am overwhelmed by all the incredible talent out there. I have put many of these projects on my to-do list (which is ever-growing!). There are a few projects, in particular, that almost seem like an initiation right into blog-dom: one must attempt a memo board, use blackboard paint (on just about anything), and try glazing/distressing. In my most recent project, I've become initiated in 2 of 3 of these and what fun I had!!

The Project:

Today I tackled a memo board and distressed, glazed frame. I saw Centsational Girl's memo board tutorial and knew it was perfect for what I had in mind. She gives a great step by step tutorial here.

Here is my abbreviated version:

My husband (my hands most certainly aren't quite as hairy!) cut some thin board to size.

I gathered all the tools I would need to tackle the project. I opted for a canvas fabric and simple black ribbon. The frame is quite ornate already, and there is some pattern in the room that the board is going in, so I didn't want the fabric to be too busy.

I placed 2 layers of quilters batting underneath and cut to size.

Using a stapler, I placed numerous staples to hold the batting in place (see? nice, smooth hands =)

I lay out my ribbon to get a general idea of the size of the diamonds, and cut the ribbon to size (with enough length to wrap the ribbon under the board).

As per Centsational Girl's tutorial, I held my tacks with a needle nose plier, and hammered it down with a rubber mallet. Worked like a charm.

I did measure the diamonds to ensure they were all the same size. I didn't trust 'eyeballing' it.

Voila, the board onto the frame (although the board sans frame, is cute also!)

I finally was able to find some Glaze. I asked several paint stores and got funny looks when I asked for it. I wanted to say 'You know, Glaze, like what they're always talking about in blogland?' but I figured they'd really look at me strangely! I got this at Home Depot. One problem I did have, was tinting it. The salesperson really wasn't sure, so I decided to do it on my own at home and customize it for each project. I am ok with the colour of the glaze on the frame, but I think I'll go much darker for my next project. I'm still considering putting a darker layer on this too. It reads a bit orange-ish to me.

The process was easy: Paint it on, rub it off. So there you have it. Now I'm looking around for something to throw blackboard paint this idea from Kari & Kijsa (ohhhhh, how I wish they'd come back-LOVE their blog!!)

Sneak peek into the room which my new memo board is going.....I was hoping to share the final reveal with you sooner, but we had an incident with a 2 year old and spray on sunscreen being completely emptied onto the wall. Who knew it would stain so badly? Get out the paint roller! She's such a monkey!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Home Tour: The Dining Room

Since my dining room evolved mainly in my LBB (Life Before Blog), I once again do not have any good before shots, so will use the one I took while touring the home when it was for sale:


The two biggest changes were the addition of the built in, which matches the cabinetry in our kitchen, and replacing the old carpet with hard wood floors. Other than that, we repainted and decorated. Here's a picture of what it looks like today:


Let's get our bearings straight. This is looking from the formal living room, into the dining room.

Now we're looking from the door to the kitchen. Notice the new built in cabinet which matches our kitchen cabinetry.

This sliding door leads to our patio.

Looking back through the french doors which lead to the formal living room.

The door that leads to the kitchen. Notice the two year old 'stealing' a freezie from the freezer. Didn't think of that problem when we bought a bottom freezer style fridge!

Notice my new plant stand in place (love it!). The art work in the room is a combination of new finds, and old. These are a series of butterfly prints, which I adore. Not expensive, but they make me happy =)

This group of 4 prints are from my grandmother's house. She found them at a garage sale and reframed them. I always loved these pictures in her dining room, and was thrilled to have them handed down to me. I love the English country scenes.

The lighting is one thing I did not change from the previous owner. She made beautiful lamp shades, and I love the bit of sparkle and 'fanciness' that this gives.

My fine china, inherited from my paternal grandmother, is displayed in my built in. There is so much
storage in this built in-I just adore it!!

My dining room set is from Costco. I bought it 8 years ago, and while I really liked it then, my tastes have changed since. It is a bit too oak-y-reddish colour for me now, and the lines of the table are a bit too 'chunky'. However, it was expensive, and a new set is not in the budget. When I bought it, it had ugly (really, really bad!!) fabric on the seats. I did recover the seats in this fabric, which I also used in my living room as accent fabric for cushions. I like my set much much better now. In fact, one day I may just refinish it to get away from the reddish oak colour.

I bought the curtain fabric for 1/2 price at Chintz & Co (another fantabulous store, located in Victoria). I used it for my living room and dining room windows. The previous curtain rods were small brass rods. I really wanted a chunkier rod, and something dark to stand out. I love these, which are from the Debbie Travis collection at Canadian Tire. Cheap & beautiful-Love!

Now, you may think you see wrinkles in my linen table runner, and you would be right. I didn't realize how obvious they were until I took this picture, but what the heck, we're keeping it real right? I took this picture to show the beautiful embroidery pattern. I am still working on my table display, and have been inspired by this post to make a few topiaries.
So there you have it. One of my favorite rooms in the house. I absolutely love having a formal dining room. Although not as popular in newer home design, I will always be a proponent of the formal dining room. Growing up, I have such found memories of wonderful, special meals around the dining table, and I hope to create these special memories for my family also.

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Thrifty Decor Chick

Since my new home is seriously lacking in dining room space, I'm busting out this post of my previous dining room and partying with Sarah!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I present to you, My Obsession (well, maybe one of my obsessions anyhow):
I think I have to admit that I may have a problem. At the very least, an obsession. You've heard me say it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again. I.Love.Home.Sense!!!! Yesterday was a very exciting day as we had to make the hour drive to go to Costco, and that meant I could also go to Home Sense....yipee!!! Here's my haul:

A cute bucket, two candlesticks, a ornamental thing-a-ma-bop, and a soap dispenser and dish.

Oh wait, there's more! A plant stand, and fern.

I have been looking for the 'right' plantstand for a corner in my dining room for years. I love the turned wood and details of the legs.

I could cry when I look at this picture. The two candlesticks are made of cement. They were perfect on my fireplace mantel, but as I was re-arranging them today, one fell & broke apart.....they were the last two in the store, and they were only $7! My hubby is going to see what he can do to straighten the one and put it back together. They are already rustic looking, with a lot of chips and knicks, so fingers crossed that the repair will work.

Loved this cute bucket. I have a new spot for it in my kitchen/eating nook. Not sure what to put in it yet...hmmm.....

I thought these were so pretty for my ensuite bathroom. It has yet to be reno'd, but is going to be done in board and batten, and a soft robins egg blue on top. I saw a picture in a magazine of a similar bathroom a few years ago, and knew that's how I wanted to redo mine. It is likely the last room in the house to be reno'd, so I may still be waiting for a while.
So there you have it. Stay tuned for pictures of my new lovelies in place!
Happy shopping!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Powder Room Transformation

The second room in my house that I will show you is my downstairs powder room. Although small, I feel it's an important room as most of your guests will use it at some point during their visit! The 'bones' of the room were not bad, as the previous owners had installed beadboard wainscotting & I already liked the pedestal sink. We added to this by adding crown molding (something I plan to do in most rooms of the house), new hardwood flooring and new paint and accessories.


This was taken as we were touring the home before we bought it. We reno'd it in my Life Before Blogging (LBB), so I didn't take a proper before picture. The before above is just a tad too frilly for my taste. The wall colour reminds me of the colour of Bandaids. Yuck.


We opted for the colour Bed of Ferns by Benjamin Moore. I love the contrast between this and the beadboard colour (Muslin). Although I'd normally paint the beadboard more of a white colour (such as Cloud White, which is our trim colour throughout the house), I liked the pedestal sink and didn't want to change it out and it is an offwhite/cream colour. I started painting the beadboard Cloud White, but it made the sink and toilet look dirty. I actually took in the toilet tank lid to Benny Moores to match a neutral to it!

Sorry for the boring picture folks, but after all the hard work my hubby did to instal the crown molding, I just had to show it off.

Hardwood floor is generally not regarded as a wise choice in a bathroom. However, I really wanted the continuity with the rest of the flooring on this level of the house, and being a powder room, it shouldn't get too wet. We have had a few spills (unavoidable with two little munchkins) and had no problems, but I'm sure to wash it up right away. We also sealed around the edges under the baseboards, and again once the baseboards were applied.

I really wanted a medicine cabinet for this space as it's where all our medicines are kept. Normally, I'd prefer just a mirror, but I think this choice is a good one as it really looks just like a mirror, and the cabinet is 'hidden' behind it. I found this at Home Depot.

I love this adapted TP holder. I bought one for the upstairs bathroom too (from my beloved Home're all going to think that this is the only place I shop!).

Who knew I'd have so much to say about one tiny room! When I look at other peoples blogs, I sure appreciate knowing the details of their makeover, including sources. Thus, I try to ensure I do the same for you! Either that, or I like to type an awful lot!

Next room on the tour: The laundry room. We did a recent overhaul on this space and I can't wait to show you. A few more details to finish, and then it will be posted!

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