Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goals for Our Abode(s) in 2011

What a great party idea Nester had: What are your goals for your home this year?

Normally I have a huge list of goals and projects, and while I still do this year, they have been modified significantly due to the upcoming move.

My ongoing list for our current home.  

Goals for current home:

Declutter, stage and sell. In today's housing market, we need to do all we can to help our house sell faster and for more money. For the past 6 months we've been working on many projects, all with the mindset that it will help our home sell this spring.

1. Our Master Bedroom has never been touched in the 4.5 years since we bought our home. It is an ugly colour, screw & nail holes in the walls, no window treatments, and furniture that is broken and I've grown tired of. See my ideas for our Master Bedroom here. This will be modified, however. We will be painting, adding wooden blinds, and using our current furniture. No crown moldings or draperies as previously planned. It will also receive a good carpet cleaning and decluttering. I also plan on staging our small walk in closet with plenty of organized baskets and purging of all clothes that we won't be wearing in the next few months.
(Embarrasing photos to follow:  Yes, the mirror is crooked, yes the bed frame is broken, yes our window screens are down.  When I say we haven't done anything to our bedroom or bathrooms, I mean it!)

2. Two upstairs bathroom renovations. Yikes! A big job, but since we've renovated everthing else in this home, if we don't touch the bathrooms, it will seem like we just stopped our reno's. And as they always say, kitchens and bathrooms sell! Our ensuite is actually our smaller bathroom. We will be tiling the floor, re-fronting the cabinets in a simple shaker style door and adding a granite counter top. A bit of paint and a few simple accessories, and this bathroom is ready to be shown! We are still toying with what to do with the shower. While we would have definately redone it if we were staying, our realtor isn't sure we would get our money back if we redid it now. How to hide that hideous tile though? Argh!
Our largest bathroom was already partially renovated when we bought the home. We plan on painting the vanity and tub surround, and putting on a granite countertop. There are an awful lot of brass accessories in this bathroom, but again, not worth changing at this point.

Ucky tile, ucky's all gotta go!

The 'bones' of this bathroom are already pretty good.  A few changes will be all it needs. 

The cultured marble's days are numbered!
3. Tidying up our gardens (which are already in pretty good shape) and staging our outdoor area as this is a huge feature of our home.

Oh, how I'll miss my patio & gardens!

Goals for new home:

1. Find one!! We have yet to choose which job my husband will take, which is in two very different cities. One option is gorgeous Victoria. A wonderful city, but busy, and very expensive. We're talking a million dollars for a decent, but nothing fancy, home. YIKES!!! But who wouldn't want to live here?

Option two is Okotoks, Alberta. Very rural, family friendly town. I equate Alberta to the Texas of Canada. It's ranch lands, cowboys, oil, and very proud. Very different than living on the coast, which is where I grew up.

2. Find a home that may or may not be fully 'move in ready'. While it's a bonus to put your own stamp on the home, after 4.5 yrs of extensive renos in our current home, the luxury of a move in ready home is certainly appealing! Whatever it may be, it needs to be bright and airy with character, a lot of space, and plenty of beautiful yard to create a garden in. Oh ya, and a craft room to make the Crafting Gods envious (a space that I'm sorely lacking in my current home)!

I can't wait to see everyone's goals for their homes this year! Thank you, Nester, for hosting and for the great idea!


SavannahGranny said...[Reply to comment]

Best Wishes for the New Year and all the changes that are in store. You are a talented lady and I know you will create a lovely home for your family wherever you land. Hugs, Ginger

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...[Reply to comment]

Happy New Year! You are way ahead of me with goal setting. Sounds like you've got a plan. Since I'm a native Texan, I vote for option two! Best of luck in whatever you decide!

Pink Overalls said...[Reply to comment]

Looks like an exciting year ahead, no matter which direction you go.

Good luck putting the finishing touches on your home. It's beautiful. I think you would be surprised to see how cheap a new bathroom faucet can be. Same with towel bars, etc. They don't have to be top of the line to look impressive. New and trendy racks up points with most buyers.

Looking forward to seeing the changes!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...[Reply to comment]

Hi, Andrea! I am in love with your gorgeous nice it must be to sit and enjoy good weather out there. I agree that your bath has good bones. It will look great after an update. I'm visiting from The Nester's Home Goals party. I hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

lnowak said...[Reply to comment]

check out todays post to see your special award