Monday, January 31, 2011

A Treasure Trove in my own Backyard!

We are lucky enough to have a home with a cute little Guest House. The original owners of this home built it for a Shoppe, in which she sold crafting supplies and giftware. In fact, it was a trip to this store when I first fell in love with this home. It then came on the market and my hubby and I snapped it up! While the Guest House has mainly been used for guests, it also has a large room for my crafts, and a playroom for the kids. More recently, however, it's been used as a storage pit room. When my Grandmother was moved into a home, I was the only one with enough space to house her left over 'stuff'. At first I didn't mind, as it allowed my mother and I to slowly go through it all and sort it for keep, garage sale, and donate piles. With my imminent move, however, I need to get this pit market ready!

Here's the cute Guest House.  I had so many plans for it!  Alas, the next owner will have the joy of making into something special for their family.

I will spare you the really, really bad pictures of the pit.  However, here are a few fun shots of all the stash in here.  I Alabaster lamp, a cool old wooden window......

See that foot stool under all that junk?  I could make it into something lovely!

And wait, what's this?  Am I crazy to think this old light fixture is pretty cool? 

Just look at it's lines....

And pretty details.....

It will certainly need rewiring, and I'm in a debate about it's finish.  While I think the chippy, worn finish is pretty cool, my Mom thinks it is too rough, and the worn paint is actually hiding some of the detail.

What would you do?  Leave it as is, or strip it down?  It appears to be a dark brass type finish underneath.
I look forward to continuing the clean and purge.  You never know what other treasures we may find!

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christine {bijouandboheme} said...[Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness- that little guest house is amazing but I'm sure you'll find something equally fabulous:) You should definitely keep that light- it's amazing! I kind of like it as is- the patina is gorgeous.

Erin said...[Reply to comment]

First, Love that little guest house! Second, yes indeed you have some diamonds in the rough there, hope you do something with them:)