Saturday, March 26, 2011

Willow Wisp on the Move

We are off for the next week, in search of our new Willow Wisp Cottage.  Perhaps it will look like this:

or this.....doesn't this seem perfectly suited to being called Willow Wisp Cottage?

Of course, I can always re-name my blog Willow Wisp Castle

This is actually the real top contender so far, but we have many other houses we're also viewing.  The lack of trees in this ranchland terrain is going to take some getting used to.  Where we are moving from, in the temperate rain forest of the west coast, we're surrounded by gorgeous, huge trees.  I do love the look of this house, though, and wait till I show you the inside!  I plan on taking lots of pictures, and will share our decision with you just as soon as we get back!  Exciting times (just think of all the new, fun decorating opportunities ahead!)

 Have a fabulous week!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...[Reply to comment]

Andrea, surely you can plant some trees. Very pretty house. Looking forward to pictures and good luck with the decision.

christine {bijouandboheme} said...[Reply to comment]

Oh it's gorgeous!!! Have fun and can't wait to see pictures when you get back- so exciting!!!

Pamela said...[Reply to comment]

Very lovely home Andrea but can I ask how much? Are the homes as crazy expensive there as the Island? I can't believe coming from Niagara how expensive the homes on the Island are...and there is nothing to brick , stone high end finishes. I struggle with that part of living here. It will be hard leaving this climate I know when my husband left over 20yrs ago to go to Toronto he died when winter hit! Summer was another story..he couldn't believe the heat.
You sound very positive which is great!
We just may end up out there too!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...[Reply to comment]

Gorgeous house. I love it. Just plant a bunch of trees. Hugs, Marty

Martina said...[Reply to comment]

Good luck Andrea!! This house you showed is beautiful can't wait to see the inside. Come check out my giveaway when you get a chance! Martina

Terri @ said...[Reply to comment]

The beautiful skies and the Rockies must be amazing from a home like that. I hope you find the natural beauty in a home and surroundings so that you and your family will be able to flourish in the beauty that you will create within your home. Happy Home Hunting :)

Annie Wilcox Designs said...[Reply to comment]

What a great house. I live in the woods too and that looks expansive and serene. Good luck.

Red Door Home said...[Reply to comment]

I have always been surrounded by trees. I too wouild find it strange to live in a place without them. Of course you can always plant!