Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Jaunt to Ikea

I like Ikea, I really do. But I don't love it. I don't have much Ikea furniture in our home. I find it a bit, how do you say?? not the best quality??   I mean no offense to those who love Ikea and have furnished their house with their pieces, it's just not always my cup of tea. However, I do think Ikea furniture has its place.
We spent 4 hours there on Saturday (which of course included a meatball thing I do adore about Ikea!) outfitting our office/craft room.

I love the look of the office furniture called the Bedford collection at Pottery Barn, but there are two problems: 1. It's quite pricey for a craft room space, and 2. They won't ship most of the heavier pieces to Canada. I was determined to mimic the look & feel for a fraction of the cost. Enter: Ikea.

First stop, is the obvious office section. I didn't really love the modern style of their office furniture, and I was shocked at the higher price. I was looking for a bank of drawers to go down a 14 ft wall. There is a sloped ceiling, so I had to watch my height.
We ended up finding the perfect solution in the bedroom section. We bought 4, 2 drawer dressers that are cute and cheap! They are perfect to store my crafting and office supplies. The bonus room doesn't have a closet, so I need a storage solution for all those uglies.

We then bought two large tables (very basic) for my sewing and crafting area. Nothing fancy, but this is a table which will see glue, glitter, paint etc so basic and utilitarian is perfect.

I also wanted a central cutting table for my quilting adventures. We made one out of a dresser, two table tops, and two adjustable legs. I get storage, and have a spot to slip a stool under if I'd like to sit at the table. Similar Bedford table: $1400 cdn, Ikea version: $160

We stayed up to the wee hours of the morning, drinking wine and assembling furniture. I have blisters on my hand from putting all those dressers together =)

I can't wait to show you the rest of the space, once it's fully unpacked and prettified.  I have many older vintage and antique pieces for this room. It makes for a very eclectic space; one that I am so looking forward to creating in!

Ikea, thank you for providing me with the inexpensive, functional and cute crafting space that I was seeking. Guess I do really like you.

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Deborah March said...[Reply to comment]

WOW!! Looking GOOOOD already!

Inspire Me Heather said...[Reply to comment]

They look great Andrea! They don't look Ikea-ish at all either - perfect fit under the sloping ceiling too!

Jenny said...[Reply to comment]

It's coming together beautifully! Looking forward to seeing the room when it's all put together. What a wonderful space to have in your home!

Allison Shops said...[Reply to comment]

What a great space!
Dropping by from Met Monday.


designchic said...[Reply to comment]

They are going to look amazing...the perfect pieces for sewing and crafting!!

KDot said...[Reply to comment]

What is the name of those dressers? I have a similar room (long attic with sloped ceilings) that needs a long, long piece of furniture?

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

What a great space. Ikea is good for stuff like that. I'm going to love the eclectic look you're creating.

Edins House said...[Reply to comment]

This work space is going to be terrific Andrea... you're off to a perfect start!

Amela Jones said...[Reply to comment]

Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

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