Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Pass it On Project

Have you ever been surprised by someones kindness?

Maybe someone brought you over a Starbuck's coffee. A fancy Venti, topped with whipped cream, no less (thanks Nikki!), or maybe an offer of assistance for a new mom who's barely slept and is a wee bit frazzled (thanks Lise!).

Well, how about an amazing, kind, generous gesture from someone you've Never Even Met??

Having never met this wonderful, kind person, doesn't mean that I don't know her. In fact, I feel that I know her very well. I've admired her and her sister for a good long while now. They've inspired me. They've given me so many ideas. I've adored their beautiful homes. They've given me, and so many others, the gift of a gorgeous blog to read.

fine art america.com
Karianne from Thistlewood Farm is the person I speak of. Her and some of her blogging buddies have come up with a brilliant idea, The Pass it on Project, and I am honoured to be one of the recipients of Karianne's gift.

I already have the perfect person in mind for the second gift, and have my special gifts all made up to pass along to another special blogger. I will share all the details with you soon. In the meantime, please go to Karianne's amazingly beautiful blog and read about this special project.

Perhaps you could pass a gift of kindness along to someone special in your life today?


thistlewoodfarm said...[Reply to comment]


You are the one who inspires me. I was just thinking last night when I was visiting you to get your link.....I love your blog design. Absolutely perfect.

Here's to passing it on in 2012 :)


Kelly said...[Reply to comment]

Well you certainly deserve a special gift for being a new mom again! I hope you're settling into your new role as mom to a newborn again and things are going well. How you have time to participate in this project is beyond me. You are the Energizer Bunny! Ha! Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with for this project.

Vintage Home said...[Reply to comment]

Great ideas and great links!

luci wallis said...[Reply to comment]

Such a wonderful idea...an act of kindness is icing on the cake.