Monday, May 28, 2012

My Very First Post

Way back in June of 2010, I took the plunge and started this blog. Wowzers, almost two years have past, and so much has changed....a new baby, a big move, selling my vet clinic.

As many of you know, we moved almost one year ago, from Vancouver Island to Alberta. We moved into a newer home, and while it is on 3 acres, with beautiful views of rolling hills, the mountains in the distance, and horses in the surrounding fields, the yard itself is pretty much just grass. We are working hard to create a landscape reminiscent of our old home. Today, I am getting all sentimental and sharing my very first post, featuring our beloved outdoor patio.

Here is the original post:

With the summer solstice happening today, I thought that my first 'real' blog post should show one of my outdoor spaces. This is our back patio, which is one of my absolute favorite spots to sit back, relax, and lounge (well perhaps less lounging and more running after the little munchkins, but one can dream, right?) I love that this space is covered, so it can be used year round.
This shows a corner of the space which will one day be transformed into our outdoor kitchen. I see a built in grill, bar fridge, concrete counters......hmmm, maybe I can convince hubby to start construction on this sooner than later?

We're lucky enough to have an inground pool (not very common in these parts). The girls (and us big kids too) love it. I can sit in my 'lounge' area and watch the girls swim.

With 2.5 acres, it can be hard to call in the troops when you need to. This handy dandy bell sure helps with those 'it's time for dinner' moments.

One of the gardens, pool-side.

Another view of our patio. We bought the furniture at Sears, and the outdoor rug at Home Depot.

Love the outdoor clock. On the other side, it's a thermometer. Bought at Costco a few years ago.

When we moved into this house, 4 years ago, the ceiling fans were indoor fans. The fan blades had warped over time and were 'hangin' limp'. I absolutely love these new indoor/outdoor fans (Home Depot) which keep us cool on those hot summer days. We also have pot lights in the ceiling which is great for lighting. Truthfully, I prefer the glow of candle light in the evening anyhow =P

I love this lantern, which was bought from a local artisan. The rain chain makes such a pretty sound when it's raining outside. Peeking in the background is our guest house. It's a great space which will be the focus of many future blog posts as we renovate it.

Enter 2012, and our new yard:

Here are a few sneak peaks at our current deck:

This past weekend, we started our vegie garden.  The house in the background is our neighbours home, still under construction. So far we have raspberries and strawberries planted.  We will eventually fence the garden, and put in a pretty gate in the centre. It is a huge garden, at 30 X 50 feet.  My hubby is going to be busy tending it! He's in charge of the vegie garden while my gardening interest is perennial gardening.

We have some very ambitious plans for our yard.  This year we are just trying to get the lawns improved, do some maintenance and put in a few gardens.  Next year, the real fun will begin!

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Jenny said...[Reply to comment]

Great garden!! We planted one this year too, and I'm excited to have one again. This must be the year of the outdoors, as that is where our focus is right now too. It's a work in progress (WORK being the operative word here). You'll get there - love your pool area in your old house too. Hot days have me wishing for one right now...

Pine Tree Home said...[Reply to comment]

Yards evolve over time and it's so nice to sit back and see how far it all comes, maturing into your own space. Enjoy.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...[Reply to comment]

That is a nice garden and look at that rich black soil. We have our first garden this year, too.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, and congrats on two years of blogging!

Kelly said...[Reply to comment]

I'm sure your new yard will get there in no time. How exciting to have such a large vegetable garden in your back yard too! I think the key to dealing with a large yard is not to have so much grass. Plant a lot of trees and ornamentals. It will be more interesting too.

Diane said...[Reply to comment]
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Diane said...[Reply to comment]

Doesn't time go by so fast. I know I have been blogging about a year and a half and it seems like I just started! Love the backyard in Vancouver with the pool and the new backyard is turning just as lovely. Diane

JudiB said...[Reply to comment]

Oh you will have such fun planning projects for your new home. Great idea having a veggie garden. Bet the kids are loving the challenge. My grandkids used to love going to the garden for munchies. What a cute thing to see them "grazing" on there own in the garden. Some cute moments to remember will be formed.

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...[Reply to comment]

I know you must miss your previous yard. It was so gorgeous, pool and all! But I have no doubt that you will get your new yard looking just as pretty, if not more so! Good luck!

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, how fun to look back at the very first post. Congrats on two years blogging and what a beautiful outdoor space. Thank you so much for sharing this at our party!
Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

Linda said...[Reply to comment]

Congrats on 2 years...lovely blog...
I have only been at this since last fall...
If I may suggest...for such a large space...floating garden beds are wonderful...and perennial grasses make a very bold statement...the Miscanthus series is one of my favorites...mine get to be at least 10 feet tall...and the plumes look great all winter...

Linda :o)

Sue said...[Reply to comment]

You have a great setting for both a vegetable garden and an ornamental one, Andrea! Have fun growing yor veggies. congrats on your two year milestone, too! :-) Sue

Linda @ it all started with paint said...[Reply to comment]

I can see why you would pine for the old porch and pool. That covered area with the ceiling fan is absolutely a bonus living space! But I'm sure you'll turn your new porch into a showplace as well!

... so happy you shared with us at our Great Outdoors link party!



Wild Oak Designs said...[Reply to comment]

I have acre envy....I live in So. Cal and have a decent size yard, but have always yearned for lucky you are!
Great gardens take time and do evolve. Ours had nothing but one tree when we moved in....take a look at some of my has changed...

Princess Kate said...[Reply to comment]

So beautiful. I love your covered area. Stopping by and following along from Wow Us Wednesday.

Inspire Me Heather said...[Reply to comment]

Nice tour - both of them! I love being able to be outside, we sure wait a loooong time to get there!

thistlewoodfarm said...[Reply to comment]

Oh Andrea,

I wish I would have been there for that first blog post :) But I am so glad that I know you now and can tell you that your outdoor spaces!

Thanks for linking to the party!


Allison said...[Reply to comment]

Andrea your house is beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by mine...and you have a 3 month old too??? Have a great day - Allison

Jen Ham said...[Reply to comment]

Your home is a dream! xo Jen