Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Going-ons 'round here

Tsk, tsk, I've been such a bad blogger! I have been visiting and reading about all your wonderful, creative projects, but just haven't gotten around to pulling together a post-and I've missed it!

I suppose I've been too busy with:

1. A pre-school graduation, complete with an oh-so adorable year end concert

Madelyn with her wonderful preschool teacher

2. A foray into the craft room to work on a few sewing and quilting projects:

3. Gettin' dirty in the garden as we try to landscape our blank canvas.

Putting in a new perennial bed in the front of our home.

4. Working on refinishing this cute footstool for the sunroom.

5. Commiting to healthy meals & exercise to try to get this baby weight off (and looking absolutely rediculous while shaking my booty to Zumba!).

6.Enjoying summer time outtings with my girls and gearing up for summer break (it's my eldest daughters last day of school today!)

My daughter (in the hat) and her friend at the park enjoying face painting and jawbreakers-oh to be a kid again!

Madelyn's horse, in what else? pink and purple!

Oh, I do love summer!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear Mommy

I know you think you can butter me up in this ole car seat by making me this cozy blankie, but it's just not working.

How I greatly dislike this seat. I have to face the back of the car, get strapped in, and whiz around town carting my sisters to and fro.

There aren't many things in life that I dislike. You can put me just about anywhere and I won't complain (aside from the's just too similar to this dang car seat), but the car? I just can't seem to get used to.

Your friends all comment that they never hear me cry, and that I am such a good baby. To them, I say, if you want to hear my lungs, just take me for a ride.

Perhaps one day I'll decide to chill and enjoy this mode of transportation, but for now, I'd rather you just carry me. Afterall, we all know you could use the exercise =)

Sincerely, Baby Ella

{Car seat quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop, designed by Clover and Violet}

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