Monday, January 21, 2013

Family Room Update: The Before

In case you missed it, I shared some exciting news in my last post:

We are completely ripping out our kitchen and redoing it, the dining room, and the family room. ...............SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Excited!

AND, to top off the excitement, Holly Mathis is the designer helping me out with this project. Better than Christmas Day, I tell ya!!!

We are starting this adventure off with the Family Room.


It's the catalyst for this whole project. It is a hodge podge of furniture, most of which I didn't even like in the first place, and it doesn't flow with the rest of the spaces. That is all going to change, and very soon.

I placed a rather large order for some oh so pretty things, which are due to arrive between now and May (yes, something was backordered until May, but it's worth the wait).

This is what we're starting with. Keep in mind that I didn't replace most of the accessories after Christmas as I knew I was starting this project right away. It's even more bare than it usually is.

The sofa:

Restoration hardware, English roll arm, slipcovered. We bought it when we moved into this house 1.5 years ago, and love it. We splurged on our sofa, and it was worth every penny. I bought the slipcovered version so I didn't have to worry about sticky fingered little ones. Thank Goodness I did.....lets just say, a recent incident with a raspberry had me thanking my lucky stars for that decision!

The occasional chairs:

These striped numbers were bought for our last home. I liked them there, but definitely don't like them here. Funny how that happens. They are a linen/cotton upholstery and are stained and are not that comfortable.

The wingback is a great shape, and was my Grandmother's. I see upholstery or slipcovers in its future!

The armoire:

This was our first purchase for this home. It is a large piece, but we love it. You can read more about it, and its interesting features here.

It hides our tv and stereo equipment, and I do like being able to close it off when we don't want to watch tv (which we rarely do).

I look forward to finally finding something for the top of it! I have searched for 1.5 years for the perfect accessories, but to no avail.

The tables:

This is my serious coffee table. It is dark, formal, not me at all.

I do like the shape of it, however, and it was an expensive, quality piece. We have some plans for this!

The side table beside the wingback chair (seen in the picture with the wingback) was a Kijiji find that was to be painted. It was just here for now since I needed somewhere to place my coffee.

The other two side tables are ok, but we'll see if they end up staying or not!

The carpet:

It is a nice, large, wool rug in soft neutrals. Will it work in our new scheme?

The mantel/fireplace:

Last year I finally styled the mantel, and still like it. You can read about it here. We do have some new ideas, however, if I ever want to change/brighten it up!


Hello? Art? I took down the few pictures I had in here, as the scale was not at all right for the wall. We have some great pieces coming!

Remember that this room is very open to the entire main section of the main floor. The flow between this room, the dining room and the kitchen is something that we are keeping in mind as we pick out the pieces for each room.

Up next:

The befores of the kitchen and dining rooms, and then onto the fun stuff: the plan!!

Can I just tell you how much fun I've had this past week, working with Holly and picking out some wonderful new pieces? It's been absolute pure heaven!

I'd love for you to follow along with me on Instagram,  Pinterest, and Twitter. I'll be posting regular pictures on Instagram and Twitter showing our progress!


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...[Reply to comment]

Fun, Fun! So nice to have someone to help you along the way...
Happy Monday!!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...[Reply to comment]

I'm looking forward to following along on this makeover, Andrea!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...[Reply to comment]

I'm looking forward to following you along on this fun and exciting makeover!!

Kara said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, so timely! :) I'm buying a new sofa next week and my first choice is the English Roll Arm from RH. Are you planning on keeping it? If you were to have to choose again, would you choose the same one? I'm trying not to second guess myself - which I do far too often with home decor issues! :) So any thoughts you have would be awesome!

Stacy said...[Reply to comment]

There are so many things I love about your room as it is now! But I really can't wait to see how you change things up. This is really so cool!

I'd love to hire a decorator. I want to change up the paint color in my home. Right now, it is a generic swiss mocha, I think. It is so blah. The colors in your home are so refreshing.

Kelly said...[Reply to comment]

I can see why you've decided to take on all 3 rooms at once now. Since they are open to each other they really should all be updated together. I forsee a painted coffee table in your future! LOL! Looking forward to seeing the changes that you do.

Designs By Pinky said...[Reply to comment]

This will be fun to follow along! I know it will be hard work but SO worth it. XO, Pinky

Blondie's Journal said...[Reply to comment]

I can feel your excitement and I'm looking forward to following along. Your RH sofa is fabulous and just remember, you can move rugs all around your home, I do it all the time.