Friday, January 18, 2013

Working with Holly Mathis

It all started in the family room: I've admitted defeat.

Do you have a room in your house where you find it so easy to decorate? Your furniture just seems to belong perfectly there, and you've created a room which is a cozy haven for you?

I have one or two of those in my home. My family room is NOT one of them. I've struggled with this open concept space since the first day we moved in.

I managed to get some great pieces for it (sofa, antique armoire), but the rest of the furniture, brought from our previous home, just didn't seem to fit. It was a hodge podge of furniture, few accessories, and not very welcoming.

For close to 2 years now, I've tried to 'fix' the issues I had in here. This is the first room you see upon entering the house. It's the room we spend most of our time in. I just didn't feel settled or comfortable in there and I didn't know how to go about changing that.  Frustrating.

Then a magical thing happened. I found Holly. I know many of you know her blog and work already, but it was only a few months ago that I discovered her. I instantly knew that I would love to work with her. I knew that her amazing talent could help me finish my room into a special space that we love to spend time in.

I booked her (and honestly hadn't even considered an e design before I found her), and we got started this past week.

Well, one thing led to another, and now we are working on A MAJOR KITCHEN RENO AS WELL AS THE DINING ROOM AND LIVING ROOM SPACES!!!

To say I'm excited, well, understatement.

I love a good before and after, but I love even more when you have the process explained and shown. I plan to do just that for you.

First up, I will show you my inspiration pictures which I showed Holly. These aren't meant to be replicated, but I love the overall feel and effect of these spaces.

Living room inspiration:

Dining Room:



All of these images {and so many more} are from my pinterest account.

We have made a few choices so far, and even a major purchase, but the best is yet to come! 

I will share it all with you as we go through the entire process. We'll soon be interviewing cabinet makers.


I hope you follow along as we truly create the home of our dreams!! Next up, some more inspiration, and the before pictures.

I'd love for you to follow along with me on Instagram,  Pinterest, and Twitter. I'll be posting regular pictures on Instagram and Twitter showing our progress!


Stacy said...[Reply to comment]

Oh how exiting! Like I seriously can feel your excitement! I can't wait to see the progress and how it all turns out!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...[Reply to comment]

Love your inspiration pictures, Andrea! I have that first one saved myself. I just love the way that whole room looks. You sound very excited to get going. Looking forward to seeing your changes.

Blondie's Journal said...[Reply to comment]

I have had the same problem with rooms as you have, just not nailing things right. It took a lot of time and trying different pieces of furnishings to get it the way I like it...I mean years!! Thank goodness for the internet access to designers we have now.

The inspiration pictures are gorgeous...I like the natural wood in the dining room. I'm so excited to see what you and Holly came up with! :)


Windlost said...[Reply to comment]

So exciting Andrea. I can't wait to watch the process unfold. And yes I have several of those hard to decorate rooms but mostly as I don't want to spend too much.
I LOVE your inspiration photos.


Connie said...[Reply to comment]

I'm excited for you and looking forward to watching the process.
Have a lovely weekend.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Calypso In The Country said...[Reply to comment]

How exciting! I love Holly's style and I love your inspiration photos so I don't think you could go wrong!

Judy said...[Reply to comment]

oh my dream designer is Holly are so lucky. all of your inspiration photos are gorgeous and i can't wait to see your home come together!

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...[Reply to comment]

I'm a cabinetmaker, can I move to your city??

Kelly said...[Reply to comment]

I adore the inspiration photos you showed! Holly Mathis is such a great decorator. I just know your rooms are going to look amazing after she works her magic! I can't wait to follow you on this wonderful journey you're going on. Hope you'll keep us all in the loop with your changes.

Mama Sue said...[Reply to comment]

I am so excited for you! I went through a major reno a couple of years ago and I am still pinching myself! Enjoy...there will be heartache along the way but in the end it will be so worth it!

Love the photos you showed it's going to be awesome!

Finding Home said...[Reply to comment]

So exciting! Yeah yeah yeah!! Can't wait to see it!