Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Laundry Room

I am thrilled to finally show you our completed laundry room!

This room was patiently waiting for nearly 2 years to be decorated. We started with ugly mustard yellow walls, no decor, and no character.

The room did have some great features though, such as tons of storage, granite counter tops, and slate flooring. I also love that there is a window with lots of natural light.

We painted the walls the same colour as most of our main floor: Horizon Grey by Benjamin Moore. It truly is the perfect grey/blue neutral. My hubby added wainscotting treatment, painted out in BM Marble White.

Looking back through to the mudroom.

Great storage and a utility sink are much appreciated in this space.

We placed a shelf above the washer/dryer. It has hooks which are perfect for hanging clothing to dry.

I kept the counter decor pretty simple, since I really wanted the space to spread out clothes for folding.

This is the best smelling window cleaner, and it works great too! I thought the bottle was too cute to hide away in the cupboard.

A large jar holds Oxiclean, and a basket holds my dryer sheets.

Our pets are fed here, and there's the perfect space for the litter box, tucked away under the shelf.

Maggie, our 14 year old rescue Lhasa Apso, has her bed in here, but truly her Royal Highness is usually resting upon our bed.

I kept the shelf decor pretty simple as well; jars full of sea shells, some from my childhood shell collection.

These botanicals were printed via this site. I had actually ordered some beautiful botanical art from an Etsy shop, and after waiting since early February (very impatiently as I wanted to post my laundry room reveal!!), I had to open an Etsy and Paypal claim as I never received them. The seller wouldn't respond to any of my emails, and only when I opened the claim did she send them. I still haven't received them, so for now, I placed these in the frames. I think they are beautiful too!
I have bought many things through Etsy, and this is the first time I've ever had a problem.

My clock obsession/collection continues.....

An old chipped up frame turned chalkboard.

Who doesn't love a good before and after? Here's a reminder of what we started with:

Much improved!

I love how this space turned out! Next on our list of projects is board and batten down the hallways and stairway. I have some great art to hang in the hall, and I'm planning a gallery wall for the stairway.

We also sold our old kitchen cabinets as of yesterday (yah!!) so I need to get everything packed away and then the demo begins!!! Phew, busy times ahead!


Granite counters: Cashmere White
Flooring: Natural Slate
Wall colour: BM Horizon Grey and Marble White (wainscotting)
Jars: Walmart
Basket on counter: Ikea
Shelf: Ikea
Rug: Home Sense
Frames: Ikea, Ribba
Clock: Cozy Cottage Interiors
Bird Cage: Home Sense

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Wee bit of Easter

With the {big} exception of Christmas, I'm not much of a seasonal decorator.

I'm trying to bring out the flavors of each season with flowers, colours and textures rather than cute figurines and such.

That's not to say that I don't enjoy a bit of seasonal cuteness....I sure do, and really, Easter pretties are hard to resist.

What's not to love about bunnies, chicks, pastel colours and pretty coloured eggs? Besides, my girls love it too.

My spring 'decorating' thus far has been my mantel, my centerpiece on the new dining table, and this tiered stand in the kitchen. It's a full dose of Easter pretty!

The gorgeous glittered eggs are from Heidi Devlin's shop, and the silhouettes were purchased last year from Dear Lillie.

I do have one more Easter treat to share with you yet. Hopefully it will be ready very soon.

As soon as Easter is over, it's pack up the kitchen time and demo will begin!

The new kitchen install is end of April, and we have quite a bit of preparations to do before then. I'll be sharing a lot of kitchen details with you in the coming weeks.

We're finalizing the details such as the backsplash, faucet, counter tops, hardware etc. I can't wait to show you what we decided on!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Spring Centerpiece {and a sneak peek}

It sure doesn't feel like spring around these parts....snow, snow, and more snow. so.over.it!!!

My friends back home in BC are seeing daff's, crocuses, birds and such, but here in Alberta, the ground is still frozen solid.

Snow outside+spring fever=need to brighten up the indoors!

 Still waiting on the tulips to open.

I placed a wreath on a platter, and filled it with daff's and shamrocks (my hubby's Bday is on March 17, so while I don't do any decorating for St. Patty's day, I knew he'd get a kick out of these).

Of course, tulips are a must for the spring table. I quickly wrapped the plastic pot in sheet moss and secured it with a ribbon.

The dining room is coming along beautifully. I am not ready to do a full reveal, since I'm waiting on a few key finishing touches, but I want to show you a sneak peek for now. In the above picture you can see a snippet of the new light fixture. I've ordered candelabra sleeves to complete it.

Can we take a moment for me to tell you how I am utterly head over heels for this new trestle table? I will go into all the details when I show the full room (sources etc). The new slipcovered chairs are so comfortable and perfect with the table.

I can't wait to show you the room when it's completely done {hopefully in a few weeks from now}. The finishing touches such as custom drapes, monograms and art are going to be ah-mazing!!!

I also have another room reveal ready with the exception of some art I ordered from Etsy. As soon as that's here, I'll show you our newly redecorated laundry room. I am in love with how it turned out. So, so happy with it!

Our family room is also nearly complete (waiting on a few back ordered chairs and a slipcover that is being professionally sewn). It is already so much more cozy in this room. Again, so happy with it! I am feeling so blessed with how things are coming together.

The kitchen design is complete and install scheduled for mid-April. So excited!!!

There's a lot of great things coming up! I am going to try to figure out how to post a video tour once everything is complete. I think it will really show you how all the spaces relate to each other and give you an as close to real life picture as possible.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Serious Coffee Table

Remember my serious coffee table?

All dark, shiny, formal?

This was an expensive table that I bought a few years ago through a catalogue in one of my favorite home decor stores. Immediately when it came, I regretted it.

I liked the round shape, the pretty legs, but it seemed better suited in a traditional, serious, kid-free home.

Our furniture? Well, it needs to fit two main needs: it needs to be kid friendly (so I don't have a heart attack when my sticky fingered munchkins are zooming their barbie car on the couch, over the coffee table and up the back of the chair), and it needs to be pretty. Pretty and kid friendly may require a bit more forethought when choosing furniture, but it can be done!

I was certain Holly would want to replace my serious, 'grown-up' table, but she surprised me by suggesting to paint it!

{a sneak peak of some of the new elements in the room}

In the past I had thought of painting it, but dismissed the idea because I was scared. Scared to take an expensive (albeit mass produced) piece of serious furniture and turn it into a more cottage-inspired family friendly piece. Boy am I glad for Holly and her bright ideas =)

I love my newly soft blue-cottage-vibe-doesn't take itself too seriously table.

I used 3/4 Old White, 1/4 Duck Egg Blue ASCP, and lightly distressed and added a bit o' clear and dark wax.

Again at Holly's suggestion, I added this large round basket.

My winter paperwhites are rockin through to spring, and for now, I've thrown together a few other objet in this big ole basket. I'm sure I'll enjoy mixin' it up every now and then.

Everything in the family room is coming together beautifully! I have some more furniture pieces on backorder, that should arrive within the next 2-3 weeks, and then it's show-off time!

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